Monday, January 9, 2012

Past Feature

Our current feature include Kathy, Joe, Tevin, Nathan, Bri and Anna! We all had a blast at this family shoot! The kids were worried that doing the pics in sweaters and “fall clothes” without shoes was going to look goofy! Kathy and I finally convinced them otherwise! I think they turned out great! However, they did get 1 picture of them with the shoes! ..probably a little different concept than what they were thinking! I had so much fun with this group! They all had great ideas and attitudes! I mean, who doesn’t want a photo of themselves doing their best Blue Steel face?! I have to admit, when Kathy said 4 teenagers my immediate thought was ‘I’ve gotta pump up my entertainment game even more than I do with the toddlers!’ Ha! Boy was I wrong! I think they entertained me! What a breath of fresh air to have an awesomely fun family to shoot! I hope you enjoy the photos!

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